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Instagram offers incredible opportunities for businesses of all sizes to reach their target audiences. But as more and more brands join Instagram the feed becomes more competitive. So, the advertisers had reason to be excited when Instagram announced the release of Story Ads in the year 2017. Instagram Story Ads are full screen and vertical so when the users watch them all they see on their device is the content itself.

How do Instagram Story Ads work? The most important step in creating an Instagram Story Ad is to decide on your objective. You can choose from several objectives for Story Ads including reach, brand awareness, traffic, conversions etc. Then you have to create ad content that fulfils your objective with creative elements like headline and copy. Further, the advertiser uses the recommended dimensions by Instagram that ensures optimum visibility for their ads. You have to set your target audience based on location, gender, language, interests, behaviours and age. Since story ads display for a short time, make sure you get specific with your audience targeting. The next step is to choose your ad placement. It’s better to manually choose your preferred placements. The last step is to develop a compelling call to action that motivates the audience to take the desired action. Use action words like learn, see, shop etc.

Story Ads represented an alternative to News Feed Ads which had lost a bit of novelty. Story Ads were not only a new placement but an enticing one. With Instagram Story Ads you are able to reach the specific groups of Instagram users you want to connect with, engage them and convert them into customers. The story format is not only more popular than standard feed content, but it also offers marketers more capabilities to create interactive experiences that Instagram users have come to crave and expect.

Instagram Story Ads are important because they blend right in with the organic content and don’t feel as obvious as other types of ads. Users often scroll right past Feed Ads because they recognize the ad for what it is right away. But when the user is watching a stream of stories, though, story adds are sandwiched between organic stories and it takes you a few seconds to figure out what you’re looking at. Few tips will help you make great Story Ads. Users are less likely to skip ads that are visually appealing right from the start so it’s important that your ads stand out even more than organic stories. If you’re using text in your ads, come up with a brief message that gets straight to the point. Your text should be prominent without obstructing other elements. Make your brand logo prominently visible so that people are introduced to your brand.

To conclude, the rise of Instagram Story Ads tell an interesting story. People are interacting more meaningfully with brands on their devices. The transition from News Feed Ads to Story Ads will be more substantial than the switch from desktop to mobile.

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