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Table of contents :

1. What is lead generation?

2. Importance of online B2B lead


3. Process of lead generation via digital


4. The important aspects of digital marketing

     for online lead generation

What is Lead Generation?

In simple business terms the word “lead” refers to a potential customer who knowingly interacts or shows interest  in an ad or piece of content posted online.

For a business to maintain an ongoing flow of potential customers who are generally interested in the products or services provided by them, it becomes crucial to expand their reach and create awareness among the target audience.

Lead Generation here is the process of familiarising a lead with your products or services through interactions with ads or content posted online. Thus creating potential customers.

Since we are talking about B2B lead generation, if the potential customer is another company itself, then the process is known as B2B Lead Generation.

Why is Online Lead Generation important?

The Internet as become an important acpect  for the growth of any business today, with people constantly surfing the Internet one can be sure to bag a large number of leads just by creating a well established website and using the correct combination of paid promotional tools.

Having a well established online website not only increases the cradibility of a business, it also creates brand awareness among the target audience which in turn helps create potential customers.

Through a well established  website a business increases its scope of interaction with leads and helps build a sense of being trustworthy. The process of online Lead generation can prove to be a very useful strategy to maintain a continuous income of leads, if proper lead generation tools  are used.

Keeping this in mind a fully functional website helps a business to adapt and grow in a flexible and diverse environment by researching and studying the needs of customers on the basis of  information recorded in the websites data.

Important Aspects of Digital Marketing for Lead Generation

Having a well designed website with good quality content is crucial when it comes to gaining the attention of leads

It provides the scope of direct interaction and is the main source of generating traffic to a website without which the growth and expansion of a business is limited.

Here are the different aspects of digital marketing for online lead generation :

1. Lead Generation via Content Marketing

As pointed out above the quality of content on a website helps in creating credibility, the overall value of a website depends on the quality of content posted on it. The more creative, catch and direct the content is  the more trustworthy your website appears in the minds of leads. Thus leading them to have a meaningful interaction and interest in the objective of the businesses website.

 Always remember to post relavent and good quality content in order to maintain a good inflow of leads.

1.1  Lead Generation via Guest Blogging

Guest blogging or guest posting is the process in which a blogger writes for similar blogs on other websites within the same industry in order to generate or attract more traffic back to their website.

It is a great way to boost their domain authority using external links to higher domain authority domains.

It is also a great way to create awareness of their brand and build relationships with people within their industry.

1.2 Creating a Lead Magnet

Lead Magnets are offers given by a website in order to gain a potential customers information (example: their phone numbers and email addresses).

This tool is very useful in building the  credibility of a website. It also becomes the starting point of a relationship between a lead and the services of a website.

Examples of a lead magnet are free samples provided by beauty website, free trials in exchange for information on various websites, free templates in the form of proposals etc.

1.3 Quora

Quora is the biggest online website catering to the questions of a zillion people. One can spread awareness about their website through interactions with the leads by solving queries and creating a trustworthy reputation which in turn will attract the target audience to directly approach your website. Thus establishing you as the subject expert in your domain.

1.4 You tube and Vimeo

YouTube and Vimeo have a large audience spending a lot of time streaming through their websites, making it a great way to promote brand awareness through uploading videos relates to your brand.

It is also the easiest way to promote your business through answering queries, posting free tutorials and adding a link to the landing page of your website in your bio.

Another important aspect of YouTube and Vimeo is visual presentation, make sure to create well designed visual and auditory content in order to gain the attention of a good target audience.

2. Lead Generation via Paid Promotions

Paid marketing or paid promotions refer to the process of increasing the reach to a target audience through advertising. Generally the income of leads can be very low and the process of generating new leads may be a tedious task but through the paid promotions tool one can purchase and ad to advertise their products and services to the exact kind target audience leading to a surge in online traffic on their respective website.

Having an effective ad can prove cost affective if used the right way or else one may exhaust their resources online. In this case it is advisable to seek help form an expert in to run marketing campaigns online for you.

Some of the best was to generate leads through paid promotions are posting ads on

  • Facebook ads
  • LinkedIn ads
  • Google ads

these are the well know website with wide exposure and are popularly used by the masses which gives the opportunity to increase the awareness of your brand and website interaction.

This tool of digital marketing works well for a business, if used  the right way your website receives genuine customers due to the extensive research conducted on each website individually catering to the needs of your website. Thus making it a great source of B2B lead generation.

3. Lead Generation via Social Media

Social media has become the biggest platform for the advertising and growth of a business online, having a strong social presence with a good number of followers or audience builds the credibility of an online business website by making it looks reliable and useful in the minds of prospective clients in the future.

Since social media has taken over the generations and most of the people spend time scrolling through websites, it becomes an important platform to build a reputation.

There are various social media platforms for different business profiles :

Instagram and pintrest

When it comes to a diaplay and aesthetic business which mainly depends on the visual aspects, Instagram and pintrest play a great role in getting the right kind of views for your website depending on the theme and objective of your business.


Facebook is a great was to reach target audience through ad campaigns and creation of groups for interaction in order to expand reach with customers and to maintain customer relations.

Make sure to be constantly engaged with your audience and post relavent quality content on your website to increase the traffic inflow in your website and maintain popularity among your competitors.


If you’re looking for professional connections to promote your brand, LinkedIn is the best option for B2B lead generation as it gives you the chance to establish yourself as the subject mater expert in your niche. LinkedIn offers communication and interaction with different commities and give a professional backbone to your website.

It is one of the best ways to build your websites credibility in front of the masses and target audience.


Twitter is another website which is great to establish a well know presence of your online business website, by maintaining a regular presence through posts, posting openions and communicating with the masses, you can build a trustworthy website, thus generating an inflow of interested parties who will come to you themselves.

Again like the previous websites, twitter too requires a constant presence and continuous interaction with the right groups in order to generate traffic for your website which in turn would be excellent for lead generation.


This tool is great for reaching customers who had previously not been converted, by providing the option to repost ads on your website it attracts the attention of a prospective customer, the tool is provided by Google Adwords which works in the form of “cookies” by repeatedly appearing on websites and tracking users who have previously shown interest in your ad.

This option is great if used the proper way and can even go completely wrong if flashed too much on a website. This would be a turn off for customers and the website may come across as a less reliable one. So make sure to use the tool to maximum benefits or hire a professional to take care of online ad campaigns.

These tools along with the right reach and connections can create a strong social presence of your website, also a referral or shout out of your brand by well known Social Media Influencers can boost your B2B lead generation.

4. Lead Generation via Email Marketing

Email is the process of sending a commercial message to a targeted audience. This digital marketing tool can be effective if used in a creative manner. This tool has been an ongoing marketing tool, you can send advertisements, business requests, queries etc through this tool directly to a target audience.

Always remember to keep your audience engaged through creative and regular messages but steer clear of becoming spam.

Some of the best ways to use this tool are:

  • Sending cold emails

This process has been used since the beginning for the generation of leads but it’s called “cold” for a reason since not all the emails sent are opened and regularly become spam folders.

You have to be very smart when it come to selecting the target audience and make sure to create quality content.

  • Resend old blog posts to new prospects

You could save a ton of expenses by resending old blog posts to your website through links.

Doing so would save the need to create new content and save time and energy by sending these links to new prospective customers.

Remember to get creative and republish your popular blog posts but don’t overdo this and the target audience may be discouraged to continue engaging with your brand.

  • Another effective way is through FAQ mail

By answering queries of existing customers you can build credibility not only in their minds but also in the minds of new prospective clients who may have similar questions.

Doing so would increase your interaction with target audience by putting out useful information regarding your brand.

  • Referrals

Referals are a great way for B2B lead generation, by providing referral codes and discount codes to existing customers you increase your chances of them referring your brand to others directly.

This tool has prover most effective in recent times and is a great way to spread awareness of your brand.

Take Coffee cafe day as an example, a customer gets free coffee beans(a form of discount) if a friend uses their referral code to purchase an item.

Thus generating a new lead and satisfying an existing customer.


Establishing a well known online website is not a hard task if you put these Digital Marketing tools to use which will definitely be a great boost for B2B lead generation for your website.

Make sure to get full clarity on each of these aspects before putting them to use for maximum benefits for your business.

These options do not work overnight so remember to have patience and be persistent. Hiring a professional to take care of your online website marketing puts your funds to optimum use by reducing wastage and losses.

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