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Instagram is the best platform for marketing campaigns. By not using the power of Instagram one is missing out on a huge opportunity and losing a great deal of potential traffic and business. Social media websites are becoming popular day by day, recent studies shows that on an average a person spend their fifty minute a day on facebook. In the business circle, Instagram is getting highly popular due to its prowess of adding massive exposure to the business.


Instagram is gaining its popularity due to its simple to use features. It gets your name and links in the form that it reaches to millions of potential customers very quickly. One must ensure the list of main website because the username will be hyperlinked to the profile page where main website link is prominently displayed. One must choose their username smartly as one cannot change it if mistake has been made. It pays to get the name very close to the business name, as it gets the brand recognized across the social media marketing platform.

One can harness the power of explosive social medium by paying attention to how it functions. One can let it search the emails and facebook for more followers. The instagram rule is that friends get beget friends and like begets like. One photo or a 10 second video can work very well to enhance the business. Once you put hashtag, ot can be sent to dozens of other pages instantly.


Also instagram gives you the opportunity to share your posts and videos on facebook and twitter and on other social media automatically. You can add more visibility to the profile by including hashtags to the post and it shows the power of social media when business explodes. So your one post on instagram can go to dozens of hashtag pages with in instagram and also on the facebook. The power of instagram explodes the visibility in a very short period of time and should be incorporated in the marketing campaign immediately.


The instagram engagement rate stands for the sum of likes and the comments that one receives per post, divided by the number of followers that one have. The engagement rates can throw light on how frequently the followers interact with the content and forces you to focus on the important data by which you can gauge your reach correctly by analyzing the engagement rates. It is very essential to have a good instagram engagement rates to grow the account. It is also not constant and is prone to fluctuate along with the algorithm, so it is very necessary to maintain the algorithm.

And one can increase the instagram engagements by different tactics. This can help to gain the followers and build up the community in no time.

  1. Daily Engagement with Similar Accounts in Your Industry is Vital:

It is very important to engage with the contents of other account. The more you make engagement on instagram, the more visibility of your account commands and more engaged are the visitors on the profile. Therefore it is it totally makes sense to invest your time in selecting accounts that might benefit to you for long run. Daily activity also helps you to get exposure in front of the right audience.

  1. Direct Engagement with Content before and after you Post:

Increased engagement just after posting implies its algorithm recognizes that the post is something likely to be interesting to a lot of the followers. This brings up the post higher up in the feeds of your follower. Engaging with other posts shortly before and after the posts also enhances the chances of people vising your profile. This includes so many activities like, liking your post within one hour of posting, which automatically boosts the visibility of post on the platform. Comment and likes on the instagram also draw users to your account eve when you are not active.

  1. Posting Content On IGTV:

Hardwork of instagram made it popular a TikTok. The company somewhere got successful as the users on IGTV is in millions, so whenever you plan to post your content on IGTV it will reach to more people and helps in increasing the engagement as well. And time limit is from 60 second to 10 minutes.

  1. Strategically Select your Hashtags:

Long- tail hashtags should be specific and detailed so that they could accurately reflect the context of the post. Smaller tags can be seen all over the instagram but long tailed ones have a fewer associated costs, which means that the content is more likely to discovered and liked or commented on. But if you have a sizeable following, then your post can be featured on the top list. Make sure should mix both general and long tail tags with a ratio 80:20.

  1. Make Interesting Captions:

Catchy captions generate more engagement and encourage users to spend more time on the post. The more time one spend on your, the better it is as the current Instagram algorithm prioritizes content by engagement. The post gains context and personality when the caption is catchy. The versatile, it could be long, detailed one, and narrating a story. Or it could be short and crisp also it can range from serious and thought-provoking to funny, whacky and light-hearted. One can design the caption around call to action and ask a question to increasing Instagram engagement.

  1. Post Photos of People:

It shows that posts with photos of faces to get more likes. Posting photos of people is a right way to boost your engagement. The brand can be about any product but when people stalk into your Instagram posts, you are going to have a winner in your hand. One can share their social media team, photos posted by the customers, photos of the people your brand serves or just have models show off your products. There are no end to the possibility. Sharing photos of faces will help you to humanize your brand, connect and of course, boost your engagement.

  1. Respond As Soon As Possible:

Replying to comment goes a long way in conversation going. It helps to push the post to the top of your followers, feed. When more people post comments and reply to the comment, Instagram recognizes the post as a valuable piece of content that will probably also be interesting to other. Don’t get too busy in procrastinate, do reply. Send a quick and friendly comment to keep the fire burning. One can tag other so that they get a notification that you have mentioned them and draw other people into the conversation. 

  1. Figure Out Your Best Time To Post:

One should know the best time to post the content. You can do this monitoring your data and calculate this that at what time you should post your content and get maximum likes and comments. Or one can use a social media analytics tool to do all the calculations. Or you can avail intagram insights if you have a business account. By this you can time your posting according to the targeted place’s time zone and audience’s preference. Over time you get to know about the best time to post.

  1. Use Stories to Draw Attention to Your Post:

Using instagram stories to draw attention to new posts on the feed can boost your engagement that way. One can drop some hints in your story that will create suspense and people will definitely check out the posts.

Implementing these tactics will increase the engagement rate, keep your audience and attract new followers to your account.

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