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Due to the incorporation of cutting-edge platforms and technologies that have established the destiny of digital marketing, the trends in this field are continually evolving. This year, the importance of digital marketing has grown significantly and dramatically.

Following the most recent advancements in the industry is crucial for people looking to pursue a digital marketing career. The rate of change is quickening, and the breadth of digital marketing is growing, therefore each digital marketer must devote time and effort to learning and skill development on a constant basis.

When you have a solid grasp of how algorithms, new adjustments, or features work, you may acquire the first-mover edge and create the most profitable advertising campaigns for you and your company. As the new year begins, enthusiasts of digital marketing around the world have begun looking for the newest trends. In the past, concepts like voice SEO services and machine intelligence were frightening, but not any longer. In this post from a top digital marketing agency in Delhi NCR, we’ll talk about some of the newest trends in digital marketing that every business needs to be aware of for 2022.

Augmented Reality

In an interactive setting, augmented reality uses computer-generated perceptual data to enhance the look of objects in the actual world, according to Wikipedia.

  • There are three crucial parts to it.
  • actual and virtual worlds coexisting
  • exact 3D registration of the real and virtual objects
  • real-time communication

While augmented reality is far more plausible from a marketing standpoint, virtual reality is more exciting and creates attention because to its massive sci-fi themes.


As its name implies, the Metaverse is a universe within our own. Metaverse is currently owned by Meta (Facebook). The idea of a digital setting where augmented reality and virtual reality interact to create a shared experience is innovative and has great promise.

In a dystopian future when any action is possible, having a computerised version of oneself seems to have a lot in common with video games. Then, in 2022, how does it become a trend in digital marketing?

The Metaverse has made social commerce possible with its network of realities and virtual universes where space is practically everywhere. Thus, digital marketers have seen a possibility for their businesses to fill that gap and launch an entirely new digital marketing channel.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This is the leading trend in online marketing. There has been worldwide talk about how artificial intelligence would someday control every aspect of your life. The shift has already begun, but we are unaware of it. 60% of internet users have already utilised an AI chatbot to address problems on a variety of websites and applications.

The majority of the content we read on social media platforms has been improved by AIs to keep us fascinated for longer! Digital marketers have a great opportunity to benefit from this technology because it is predicted that the market would be worth $190 billion by 2025.


Non-Fungible Tokens are digital assets that you may trade. Each NFT comes with a unique token that serves as proof that it belongs to you and no one else. NFTs have revolutionized the worlds of technology and art, but they have also started to penetrate the field of marketing.

Free NFTs are provided as brands in a raffle as part of their main marketing goals. For instance, Marriott Bonvoy had a drawing for which the winners received 200,000 Bonvoy points in addition to their individual NFT.

Top digital marketing company in Gurgaon have targeted these kinds of digital marketing initiatives as more companies embrace NFTs as a tool for marketing, the possibilities and opportunities are unlimited.

Reels on Instagram

Instagram Reel has seized the opportunity presented by the Tik Tok prohibition in some countries and added the Reel function to its application. Fantastic news for digital marketers is that reels provide interaction rates that are more than twice as high as those of publishing a conventional video. With Instagram Reels’ freshly released analytics capabilities, you can even monitor your development and assess your work! NFL teams’ reels, according to Hootsuite, receive 67% more interaction than their typical video posts. This function may be used by marketers to draw attention to a number of content categories, such as instructional material, insider business information, product reviews, etc.


There’s a chance that your company may find it simpler to adopt some of these trends than others. The sooner you can respond, the better. In certain circumstances, you may make a note of them as general guidelines to keep an eye on. Always plan for the years after this one while developing your approach.

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