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Industrial design agencies encompasses the creation of products, services, equipment, and things for businesses or end-users. An industrial designer assists businesses by manufacturing items, merging art and creativity, and producing all products in order to meet company objectives and offer positive customer experiences. They are responsible for the design of all things, equipment, and technology that we encounter in our daily lives. They concentrate on a product’s functionality, look, and use in order to improve the user experience and earn income for their clients.

Industrial design agencies have the greatest team of industrial designers and employees with technical skills, allowing them to produce the best goods, services, and ideas when combined. Here are India’s top 6 most promising industrial design firms for 2022:

1. DesignRush

DesignRush is a technological firm comprised of specialists who seek and pick the top web development businesses in Austin, Texas, offering the best specialised services ranging from application development to website design.

 Clients may select software service providers by pricing, size, and previous customer evaluations on this company’s platform to pick the one that best matches their project and budget.

2.Analogy Design

Analogy Design creates products that are based on current customer need, emotions, and technological advancements. It aims to create user-centric interactions that lead to faster campaigns, proof-of-concept investments, or a game-changing new tech application for enterprise clients.

Blue Sky strategy, Concept generation, MVP, and Concept validation are among the start-up tactics they focus on. In contrast, they aim for Sketch to Market and Custom Project for pre-existing long-term businesses.

3. Techzo

Founded in 2015 with the goal of establishing a strong Indian start-up ecosystem. TEQZO Consulting is one of Bangalore’s most well-known businesses. They think that firms can be transformed via ideas, creativity, and design. They want to provide the greatest product and resources to help businesses increase their appeal and consumer participation.

They want to use cutting-edge tactics to revolutionise company. In addition, empowering enterprises by designing, inventing, and developing the product.

4. Workshore

Workshore was founded in 2018 and has already completed over 100 projects. It has a highly efficient specialist staff of more than 30 employees that give services to six different organisations.

Workshore is recognised for its creative products, customer experiences, and workflow. They tend to minimise development cycles with time and cost efficiency utilising traditional approaches with better standards while using Web flow for projects.

5. Shalin Design

Shalin Designs is noted for its engineering design and CAD design services. Mechanical drawing, product design, mechanical 3d modelling, and sheet metal design are among the services they provide.

Its professionals are dedicated to turning the greatest ideas and products into Models, Assemblies, Parts, Shop Drawings, Furniture Modelling, Furniture Designs, Product Design, and more.

6. TuringLabs

TuringLabs is a worldwide industrial design firm that works with YCombinstor, SAIF Partners, The Nudge, and more than 500 other startups and businesses.

They examine data and user behaviour in depth, conduct tests, and optimise and modify the product to provide a better customer experience.


Industrial designers and top industrial design agencies carry out responsibilities and are usually focused on a single product. These products might include whatever we utilise on a daily basis, as well as capital goods and technology.

The enterprises of some of the most well-known and acclaimed industrial designers have risen to new heights, as seen in the preceding rankings. If you’re seeking for quality in terms of efficiency and adequacy of your product ideas and services, you should reach out to them!

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