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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing, bluntly called online marketing, refers to all marketing techniques that occur on the digital space. Businesses utilise digital channels such as search engines, email, social media and other websites to connect with present and prospective customers. Promotion of brands and businesses also invariably involves communication through multimedia or text messages. In today’s world, digital marketing has become an absolute necessity for one’s business and brand awareness. It seems like nowadays most of the brands have a website, and if they don’t, they should at least strategize about building kind of some kind of social media presence or digital ad strategy. Digital content and marketing have become customary so much so that consumers now expect and depend on it as a way to gain an understanding about brands. Digital marketing has numerous possibilities in this present world that one can experiment with, a variety of marketing on a budget.

In all, digital marketing is defined as using many digital strategies and pathways to connect with customers where they spend much of their time: online. The best digital marketers have a robust sense of how each digital marketing campaign would support their overall goals. Therefore, depending on the overarching goals of their marketing strategy, digital marketers can support a much bigger campaign through the facilities of free and paid channels at their disposal.

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Why Digital Marketing is important?

Digital marketing assists the individual in reaching a wider audience than one can through traditional methods. Through that one can target the group of individuals who are most likely to buy the advertising product and service. On top of that, it is much more cost friendly and affordable than traditional way of marketing and it enables the seller to measure success on a daily basis as one has all the tools available within a click.

  • Digital marketing assists a business by identifying and targeting a highly specific audience group with high converting and personalised marketing messaging. It helps one to conduct the research necessary to target the buyers, their needs, and thus strategize to ensure that maximum reach is possible.
  • It helps one to keep full control and track the spending of resources. For example if during a campaign some channels are performing well and few aren’t, then one can optimize on those channels and limit others for high return. By and large it is a cost effective solution providing unique opportunities to ensure one’s money is well spent.
  • If a business is small, it becomes difficult for it to compete with bigger brands in its genre. But digital marketing serves a horizon of opportunities to level the field.
  • Being able to change marketing strategy easily is one of the mega plusses of digital marketing.one is able to pivot or adjust the strategy half way through the campaign than other traditional forms of marketing like billboards.
  • While with traditional methods of marketing, its major limitation is measurability, one is not able to calculate all the metrics but one of the biggest benefits of digital marketing is that it will give you the start to finish metrics of all marketing. One can easily measure the return of investment like website traffic, content performance and lead generation, etc.
  • It becomes essential to engage with the audiences at every step of the buying process. Online channels allow businesses to follow the entire journey of the customers and help in ensuring a building up of relationship between them and the business.
  • Last but not the least, digital marketing helps one improve their conversion rates and the quality of leads.

Types of Digital Marketing:

1. Search engine optimisation (SEO)

It is a process to rank one’s website higher in search engine pages which would invariably lead to increase in the amount of organic traffic that would automatically visit the page. It is the instrument that improves a website’s visibility when individuals search for a product or service. The more visibility a website has, the better it is going to capture the market. Organic traffic which is the best kind of traffic, is when a user is actively searching for a specific product or service finds it quickly through the search engine, can lead to high chances of a business to flourish.

On page SEO-  it focuses on all the contents of a webpage and by researching for keywords which have increased volume, one can definitely push the website to rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs).

OFF Page SEO-  IT focuses on the kinds of activities that takes place off the site which includes inbound links also known as backlinks, networking with other publishers, writing guest posts and others, which can help take an individual’s webpage higher.

Technical SEO- This focuses on the backend activities of one’s page and how the webpage is coded. For instance, image compression, structured data, and CSS file  optimisation which can increase the website’s loading page, are important forms of technical SEO.

2. Content marketing

 It is referred to the process of publishing written, curated and visual material with the intent of attracting customers to one’s business. But it isn’t limited to just publishing a piece of content on the internet but a laborious process of tailoring such content so that the target audience is able to find them organically. In present times, the content needs to reach the audience in such a way that feels natural (inbound) because the audience aren’t attracted towards outbound strategies.

  • It educated the target audiences about the business and the products and services that they offer.
  • It aids in building a loyal relationship between the seller and the buyer
  • Showing how the products and services benefit the customer.
  • There are different types of content marketing, such as, online content marketing, social media content marketing, infographic content marketing, blog content marketing and video content marketing.

3. Social media marketing:

This process promotes the brand and the business using social media channels to increase brand awareness and drive traffic. Channels such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter, LinkedIn and such are increasingly used by the digital marketers to create a viral campaign. The power of social media in unparallel as it has transformed the way businesses are able to affect and influence consumer behaviour – from promoting content that pushes audience engagement to extracting personal information that helps curating target audience.  A well planned social media marketing not only spreads the campaign but delivers on another thing, which is, extracting customer data and turn this into actionable market analysis.

4. Pay per click (PPC):

PPC works on the principle that by paying the publisher every time the business’s ad is clicked. It is a form of marketing that allows one to pay a certain amount of fees to have his/her website on the search engine result page (SERP) when a person types in specific keywords or phrases in the search engine. It earns quality leads and one can create a seamless user experiment with massive returns. PPC  advertising is quite common in search engine pages like google , Yahoo or Bing. Pay per click have a few terms which one should know ranging from broad to the its more specific aspects.

5. Inbound marketing:

Inbound marketing refers to such marketing wherein one attracts, delights and engages with the target audience in every step of the journey. It focuses light on the customer and creates an experience that is woven around them. It helps in building meaningful relations with customers and prospects.

6. Search engine marketing:

Search engine marketing is the process of using paid advertisement to appear on search engine webpages (SERPs). Advertisers place a bid on keywords that users mostly enter in search engines which provides an edge to the advertisers to put such keywords in their webpages. Its greatest strength is that it provides a platform to place their advertisement in front of targeted customers who are ready to purchase.

Future trends in Digital Marketing

 The fastest growing market in the world is digital marketing. Companies are benefitting from digital marketing to reach out to a bigger audience, a global audience. As more and more people are going online, with affordable access to smartphones, marketing using traditional methods is limiting in scope. It has been calculated that by the end of 2025 , more than 65% of Indians will use social media sites. Smartphones have become a crucial tool in interacting with potential customers. Digital marketing has become an important way to build online presence of a business. Small businesses can use this resource to broaden their base and gain more customers.

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