Yolo Bus came into being in 2019 with an agenda to revolutionize Indian urban mobility. Before they became a household name in NCR, expanding their fleet of buses, and even before they ran on 250+ routes when they were just starting up we took over their social media. According to our plan, we started a social media campaign and successfully created a buzz around their product with which turned out to be incredibly well for their business as it helped them familiarize themselves with their target audience.

During the time we worked for them Yolo Bus garnered comprehensive media coverage on digital media platforms including television news channels. We also got them featured on popular online platforms which took them out from the woods and put it in a busy square, where it belonged. In four months we worked together, they did a marvelous job of selling over 60 thousand bus tickets.

We managed to build trust with their social media followers across all platforms which still remains intact. They garnered funding, not once but twice while our collaboration lasted.

Achievements in the early period during our collaboration:

  • Got featured in YourStory
  • Sold 60 thousand + tickets
  • Built trust among users
  • The press release got boosted supported because of social media
  • Engaged users with interactive social media management

Successful campaigns we ran:

  1. Yoga Wali Bus
  2. Love, travel & Yolo
  3. The Grand Christmas Carnival
  4. Selfie Contest
  5. Tag 10 people to win Delhi to Manali ticket