Spactre is an online website that aims to connect various mentors, specialists and learners with the common goal of imparting knowledge. If serves the purpose of providing knowledge to all irrelevant of their age through the medium of online mentorship. The page as a start up was not gaining momentum and lacked the right audience and number of followers. If had failed to establish itself as a well known and trusted source of educational business.

Before Spactre became the success story it is in the present the start up had little or no recognition. On teaming up with Webdigitalize, their website received a significant boost in the number of followers and also became well known through out social media websites. Within the first month of working with Webdigitalize, they accumulated bookings of over 2000 online class. Webdigitalize took care of their social media management and paid promotions and helped them connect with renowned brands and educational experts.

Webdigitalize helped build a strong credible brand that was trusted by all and significantly boosted the exposure of the website gaining the interaction with educational experts as well as celebrities.


  • Well known celebrities have since then come to work with Spactre such as Kanishak Avasthi, Sachin Vashisht and well known Mahavastu experts.
  • The website in the very first month received more than two thousand online class bookings
  • Great exposure which lead to collaboration with educational experts.