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PPC Services in Gurgaon Delhi NCR, Noida

Paid promotion is a digital marketing tool that allows users to purchase ads and display them on multiple known websites, in doing so not only is your brand showing up on different search websites but also increasing interaction with the target audience. Paid promotion is a very effective digital marketing solution in order to advertise your brand on the Internet, it is cost effective and definenitly increases the inflow of leads who may turn into potential customers

Webdigitalize is a leading advertising agency based in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR, we specialise in providing the different promotional tools that would best suit your business.


The paid promotional campaign includes a range of services

Below are mentioned the various PPC services Webdigitalize provides:


Search Advertising

Search advertising is the process of displaying ads on multiple websites based on the results of the search engine. This process is effective as it amplifies the visibility of your ads by displaying them on website that have similar keyword searches. This allows users to place ads on other websites in order to boost brand recognition.


Product Listing Ads

These are image based ads which display a more accurate and detailed description/information about a product on the search list. They are meant for specific Google searches. These image based ads work on a pay- per-click mechanism. Thus it is helpful to get only interested leads or target audience for your online product.


Display Advertising

Display ads or also termed as Banner ads are digital graphic ads that are displayed on websites in the form of banners, videos or images. They are a form of paid promotional ads that are used to display general advertisements or brand messages to site visitors who may have left off a product in the cart without purchasing it.


Lead Based Marketing

Lead based marketing is the process of sending ads to a large base of leads and gathering their contact information through a form filled by them. This is an effective lead generation tool that gets you the right kind of interaction from interested parties as they themselves fill in the online form.



Webdigitalize helps you to reconnect with site visitors who had previously interacted with your website. In doing so we help to keep the target audience interested in your brand. This paid promotional tool serves as a reminder for those who were previously involved in purchasing your brand products or services by displaying your ads on their websites.


Social Advertising

It is the process of creating ads related to your brand or services for the purpose of displaying them on the social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. This form of paid advertisement helps build credibility for your online website and also gains huge attention from viewers.


Mobile Advertising

This is a type of advertising done through mobile phones in the form of text or messages or banner ads that are displayed in website opened on mobile phones. This is effective as the advertising of a brand is done directly on a persons personal mobile phone, thus making it a successful paid promotional tool.


Amazon Ads

This tool is similar to Google pay-per-click ads, only here you can advertise your brand on amazon's website, sellers will be paid when a customer clicks on the ads. These ads are also more beneficial for your brand recognition as they are displayed as sponsored products or services on amazon's website.


Email Marketing

It is one of the most effective promotional tools that help advertise your brand through direct emails to leads. This tool helps you keep your target audience updated on your services and inform them of your latest products or services. This helps your website maintain a better connection or relation with the target audience or potential leads.


Google Ads

Google AdWords is an advertising platform by Google that allows users to display ads which will appear on the search engine based on relevant keywords. It is a form of pay- per-click campaign that helps to display a brand on Googles website.


Webdigitalize is a one stop advertising company in Gurugram and Delhi NCR. We take pride in being able to provide the complete package of digital advertising services in order to aid the success of your online business website. We guarantee quick and effective results provided by our more than capable team of experts

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