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  • targeted email campaigns
  • Reach Customers Inbox
  • Segemented List
  • Increased Customer Loyalty


Web Digitalize- A Full-Service email marketing firm in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR can help you increase your revenue

With the help of Web Digitalize, a seasoned digital marketing company, you may use email marketing to generate leads and sales. Obtain a full-service solution that entails creating, putting into execution, and administering your email strategy as well as assessing the effects it has on lead generation, sales, and income. Continue reading to find out more or do so right away!

Hire a leading email marketing company to help you grow your business

A wise investment for any business is email marketing. Using email marketing, you can stay at the top of your audience's minds whether you own a little restaurant or a manufacturing corporation. Send marketing materials like monthly newsletters, promotional emails, and more to keep customers and business partners engaged in your brand and ready to purchase your goods or services. Your firm may fully benefit from email marketing with the help of our email marketing agency. Allow our devoted professionals to design, create, roll out, and maintain a unique email marketing campaign for your business to save you time (and your company resources).

You can trust Web Digitalize when it comes to email marketing businesses.

Take a look at our email marketing offerings

The following services are available to your business through our email marketing company:

Email Marketing Management

With our comprehensive email marketing management services, you can draw in and nurture more prospects while also saving time. With your choice of one of three options, you'll have a personalized plan for bringing in and converting more leads into paying clients.

Email Marketing Design

Our email marketing design services may help you create (or update) the design of your email newsletter. Develop a newsletter that gets results by collaborating with our knowledgeable project managers and award-winning design and development team.

Email Lead Nurturing

Our email lead nurturing plans, which include pre-built templates and services for emails for abandoned shopping carts, re-engagement, seasonal emails, and more, let you nurture leads in a variety of ways. Receive whatever your company needs from our full-service email marketing company.

When working with Web Digitalize for email marketing, you have nothing to be concerned about. With our full-service solutions, you can concentrate on the activities that require your attention while leaving the creation, administration, and execution of your email campaigns in the hands of our email marketing company.

For instance, when you use our completely managed email marketing services, you will get:

  • Responsible account manager
  • Individualized email marketing plan
  • Design of a unique email template
  • Email design and production, from content
  • Email delivery using your choice platform, such as Constant Contact or MailChimp
  • Categorization and management of email subscribers
  • Split-testing includes subject lines and email lists
  • Reporting on a regular basis, including lead generation
  • Call tracking in addition to conversion tracking

No concerns if you're looking for an email marketing firm that gives your organization more creative control. You may benefit from our email marketing programmes, which let your business provide the content for each email.

How do we develop effective tactics at our email marketing firm?

Our email marketing firm at Web Digitalize puts the needs of the customer first and concentrates on getting the desired outcomes. Find out immediately how:

  • Our email marketing company investigates your competitors.
    In order to give you the best opportunity of sticking out in the inboxes of potential customers, we'll question you about your competitors and develop a unique email marketing approach that produces even better results. We'll look into factors like their brand, offers, and interactions with customers, among other things. We will learn more about your industry while also getting to know your biggest rivals.
  • Our email marketing company investigates your sector.
    Our marketing firm is interested in learning every detail about your sector, so we have all the information required to develop an effective email marketing campaign. We're interested in finding out how much money is spent in your sector annually, how it ranks in terms of e-commerce, and more. The more information we have about your sector, the better we can design the ideal email marketing campaign for you.
  • Our email marketing company queries you on your clientele.
    The most crucial element of the equation is your audience. We can't properly promote your items to them without first understanding more about them.

We'll inquire about your gender, broad age group, location, and other details. By doing so, we will be better able to comprehend the style of your emails, the message they should convey, and the most effective ways to market your services and educate your readers.

We won't launch your campaign until we fully understand your industry, competitors, and target demographic.

Which email formats do email marketing businesses use?

One thing may come to mind when you hear the phrase "email marketing": an obnoxious commercial email in your inbox. However, if the emails you're receiving bother you, they're either not personalized to your likes and interests, they're not coming at the proper time, or they're targeting you in the wrong way. Email marketing, when done correctly, can provide incredible benefits for your company. Emails like this are produced by Web Digitalize's email marketing company.

How can we personalize your emails with our email marketing company?

You may customize emails in a variety of ways with an email marketing company like Web Digitalize.

  • The heading
  • Name of the client
  • In keeping with their time zone
  • "You may be interested in..." is a reference to prior purchases

All of these emails are crucial, especially because personalized emails boost click-through rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10%.

Why should you employ Web Digitalize as your full-service email marketing company?

Finding an email marketing company that is aware of your company's goals and is knowledgeable about your industry, business, and competitors can be challenging. However, Web Digitalize eliminates the need for concern in that area.

Check out the list of factors that influence our clients' decision:

  • A specialized account manager who is familiar with your name, company, sector, and objectives should be hired.
  • Get reports covering your key performance indicators (KPIs), a personalized plan created to meet your short- and long-term goals, and more.
  • Access the software platform we use exclusively for our clients to manage, monitor, and report leads, sales, and income coming from email marketing and other digital marketing channels.
  • Consider hiring an email marketing company with a 91% customer retention rate, which is more than 40% better than the industry standard.
  • From completely managed to client-provided email text, pick an email marketing strategy that fits your schedule.
  • Utilize pre-built templates that have been carefully designed to nurture and convert leads with our lead nurturing services. There are templates for welcome emails, shopping cart abandonment emails, re-engagement emails, event emails, and more.

Why should you spend money on email marketing?

For a number of reasons, including:

  • The typical return on investment for email marketing is 44:1 (or $44 for every $1).
  • 59% of consumers claim that email impacts their purchasing decisions.
  • Weekly promotional emails are preferred by 61% of recipients.
  • The average person spends 10 to 60 minutes each week reading email.

People rely on email and use it to inform their purchasing choices as well as build news feeds for businesses and goods they are interested in. Email creates 50% more sales than any other lead generating strategy because of this.

An email marketing company can help if you aren't getting that type of response from your email marketing.

Why work with an email marketing company?

We've already discussed the value of email marketing to your business. Emails keep you in users' minds, remind them of abandoned carts, and potentially boost conversion rates. The only choice that remains is whether to engage an email marketing firm. Yes, it is the solution.

You are aware of how hectic your days are if you operate a business. It's challenging to find time to accomplish much of anything, much less conduct an email marketing campaign, between operating a business, keeping your storefront tidy, responding to Facebook messages, and processing orders.

Web Digitalize makes it simple; we'll design a unique email marketing strategy and handle it for you (or just a portion of it) so that you get the outcomes you want.

Email marketing firms may devote all of their time and resources to your campaign. On the other hand, given that you are busy managing a firm, it is doubtful that you would give your own email marketing campaign all of your attention.