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What is SEO?

SEO is also known as Search Engine Optimization refers to the way through which there is an improvisation in the traffic on a website, which in return helps it rank higher in search engines. The quality and quantity of the content in the website is improvised that brings forth better website traffic when searched online. The traffic gotten via SEO is referred to as organic traffic which is distinct in nature from the paid traffic. SEO is unpaid or organic traffic, there is also a paid traffic that is called Search Engine Marketing or SEM or Pay-Per-Click, PPC. 94% of the total SERPs have organic results as researched by Search Engine Watch.

How Does SEO Work/ Work mechanics of SEO

There are various algorithmic determinants to reveal the Search engines to be displayed when a particular question or query is raised. Google- the most renowned Search Engine work on these complex algorithms. The rankings for the SERPs result when the set rules analyze all the different factors at play. Some factors taken into consideration by Google are:

  • keyword density
  • Page titles
  • The number of links to the particular page.
  • your location and your site’s location
  • the unseeablity of your site and if it is readable on your mobile phones.

Google has been known to use more than 200 factors in its algorithm, for the purpose of website rankings as stated by Backlinko. The three main factors or metrics used by most Search engines to rank the website assessing its qualities are :

Links: Link is the utmost metrical determinant for ranking websites on search engines. Those sites are ranked better than using several other website links. The more links from qualitative sites the better ranking. Poor links do not hold much credibility.

Content: Content plays an important metrical determinant, as good valuable content will obviously be considered worthy of being published as Search results. The keywords in the content are identified by the SEO hence helping in the better ranking of the content.

Structure of the Page:

The structure of the page is another important metrical, which comprises of the HTML code’s structure. Web pages are written using HTMLs and this can be an important determinant in

search engine results. Relevant keywords in the header, content of the URL, are factors in helping the SEO to rank better.

Why is SEO required for your Business?

SEO is an important factor in strategizing your business. An investment in the SEO is a must as it helps in optimizing your website. It provides you with more effective strategies for the business marketing. The reasons why SEO is important:

1)SEO helps in bringing Quality Traffic

SEO ensures the mobility of quality Traffic to your website, as the content matter published by you is what people have been searching for. The product range and services your website puts forth are being genuinely searched for this enabling good organic traffic to drive in.

8% of online searches are proposed in the form of questions or queries, as stated by Moz reports. Globally 59.2% of Traffic has resulted via Google organic search, as reported by Sparktoro. SEO brings around genuine and quality Traffic without a huge investment in advertisements.

2. You Cost Per Acquisition is lowered with the use of SEO

To the amateurs, with bare minimum commercial experience in Google algorithms and Coding, SEO is a must that helps in higher ranking of your website. The cost per acquisition can be lessened with the help of SEO as it technically is free. Organic and unpaid Traffic is mobilized with the use of SEO, therefore to acquiring each of these customers will be for free. The only investment at play is buying the applying these SEO tools and services. 70% of marketers have vouched for better SEO results than that of PPC as reported by Databox.

3. Promotion is 24×7 via SEO

SEO is active 24×7 which serves as its biggest advantage. It is working meticulously for getting your website to rank higher. Even when you are not actively putting in anything on your website, SEO helps in keeping your ranking still high, increasing website traffic and leads all the time.

At any part when you are inactive and your website has acquired a high ranking, SEO will continue to promote your brand. The top-ranking pages have bounced at least 50% as a report revealed by Backlinko.

4) SEO helps in keeping your customers Informed and Updated:

The customers or audience you have acquired is the result of the content that is put up in the website, therefore the content you post should have value-added qualitative material, keeping your customers updated and informed about the newest trends.

With higher SEO rankings, a large number of genuine customers will eventually connect with your website. Gradually they will benefit from the products, services, and content helping them derive well-informed conclusions. This will strengthen your bond with the customers.

61% of marketers are known to favor SEO boosting or organic strategies including these methods into inbound marketing plans as mentioned by HubSpot.

5) Your Customer Ascription Website Criteria Boost with the help of SEO

The number of times your brand is displayed in front of your audience is referred to as ascription or attribution. SEO improvised your search engine ranking, enabling your brand to appear more frequently in search results. This will help your audience to reach out to your brand and avail your products and services increasing the attribution and touchpoints.

Your website referrals will notice a boost if a strong and effective SEO is employed. The audiences attracted will further refer your website to their kin and kith. As per Omnicore, a brand that has appeared multiple times in the search results have 50% chances likely to be browsed and clicked on.

6) Small Businesses can grow effectively with the help of SEO

A small business owner is likely to face difficulty in setting a firm foot in the market when big names in the market are selling similar products. Thus with the help of SEO they can easily improve their website ranking resulting in higher attribution points. The more attribution points gained the more leads and profitable sale it results in.

SEO is comparatively cheaper than advertisements and endorsements. While the Big names in the market employ various advertising strategies, you can simply compete with them by making lesser investment. For better creativity and good result oriented strategizing, make sure you make your investment in a well researched and effective SEO tool that guarantees the aforementioned. 46% Google searches are made looking for local businesses and services as put up by Search Engine Roundtable.

7) SEO helps in optimizing the Safety of your platform:

It is the benefit of a strong and effective SEO to keep an eye upon every activity on your platform ensuring complete safety to your website. For your rankings to grow, you need to take care of all required safety measures. 39% of customers are influenced by relevant searches, as mentioned on the reports by Blue Cactus. Employing an effective SEO will help your customers browse safely without any harm from viruses or frauds. SEO ranks will see hype when the website is completely secure. This builds the trust bond between you and your customers bringing in more and more to your website.

SEO helps in rectifying some bugs present in your website, improving its functionality. This in return helps in increasing the speed of navigation and various other processes. The user experience boosts with the increasing speed of your website, and the better the user experience results in higher ranks. The user experience is bettered by the valuable content on your website. Your business will certainly hype when there is both high speed and optimal user experience. 70% of customers have agreed on being decisive and have willingly purchased from sites that have a good speed. This information was derived by Unbounce via researches conducted by them.

We have tried to inform you thoroughly about the requirements of implementing an effective SEO in your business. We hope our research and explanation have proven helpful to you and you have been able to understand how SEO is beneficial for marketing your business. The rapid growth in employing SEO that has proven to have provided favorable statistics all together point in the direction of using SEO as a tool to endorse your business irrespective of its nature and size.





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