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In the current times, mobiles/ mobile phones have become the most feasible sources of accessing the internet. When you create a website only for the desktop, you miss out on various ways such as business blogs, online stores, and websites, that are majorly accessed only via smartphones, tablets, or phone devices. Mobile Responsive website designing has helped in boosting company sales by a huge percentage, as revealed by SAG IPL. Tablet or smartphone adaptive designing has fetched these companies a 64% increase in sales. So how to make this happen? The key is Responsive designing! It enhances your website throughout various podiums. Your business growth is sure to see a hike when Responsive designing is combined with a good user interface and experience. Almost 48% consumers feel that businesses that have not employed mobile-friendly designing are ignorant about their customers, as per reports by the SAG IPL. This article talks about WebDigitalize, a Gurgaon-based, website designing company that has employed all essential mobile variant designing. We shall look at how they have benefitted and therefore attempting at convincing you to do the needful to see amazing results.

What do we understand by Responsive Website Design:

The approach through which any Website and web content is designed in a way that it seamlessly adapts to various windows and screens of several types of devices is known as Responsive Website Design, as there are huge differences between physical dimensions of portable devices and that of desktops. 22% of marketers have claimed to pave their way ahead of others in the marketing curve with the use of responsive website design as reported by eMarketer.

Responsive website designing provides multiple layouts for the display of your content on various devices with all the information feasibly available. There is a stark difference between adaptive design and responsive design, though many a times the two are used interchangeably.

Separate templates are optimized and culminated individually as per the variation of the devices.

82% of the top 100 Alexa websites show mobility via responsive designing as stated by Mobiforge.

Responsive design refers to a design singularly implemented and displayed via various devices.

The Workings of Responsive website design:

Repugnant and unresponsive content or layout costs a website almost 38% of its visitors, as reported by Adobe. Responsive Web design seamlessly adjusts as per your screens, helping you browse across the website and explore the functions in an easy flow.

The working mechanics of Responsive website design:

  1. Any website is comprised of a specific order of files: home pages, web pages, about pages and many more. These pages serve individually as separate files.
  • These individual files consist of their specific and unique HTML content in code that is presented via texts and images. 49% websites based on HTML5 have gathered better traffic than simpler websites as stated by SAG IPL.
  • CSS or Cascading Style Sheets are used In order to design these websites.
  • Pre-existing files are toppled with a set of CSS files in order to create responsive website and These set of files are put in application as per the device variation.
  • The functionality of the CSS files, enables the website to ‘respond’ as per the device variations.

6) 75% credibility of a website is judged by the aesthetics overall, as reported by Invisionapp.

The importance of Responsive website design:

The rising use of mobile phones, tablets, smartphones, and other such consumer devices to navigate web pages is undeniable. This is the primary reason for using a digital marketing strategy. Other than increased use of mobile devices, here are some reasons why your enterprise must have an effective web design:-

When it comes to side roads, a receptive strategy can help you drive in more virtual traffic through smartphone subscribers, owing to the increased number of viewers on cell devices. This type of design can help you return customers more effectively by allowing them to access your business at their leisure. AS per KoMarketing, 40% of respondents of tablet and mobile applications use the search for B2B products.

Creating a website design is both time and cost-effective. Even though it is cost-prohibitive when you first begin developing a responsive design, it costs much less than the costs you would have to bear in retained earnings or more websites for different gadgets. Furthermore, a webpage takes less time to set up and maintain and requires less effort to preserve and upgrade. According to InMobi, mobile devices account for 60% of all internet access worldwide.

When viewed on mobile devices such as phones and tablets, inflexible designs try to alter the web page. This results in a poor user experience and can harm a company’s reputation. One of the biggest advantages of a responsive website design is its ability to adapt to various devices and it helps the viewer engagement effortlessly seamless. Responsive designs ensure that your platform’s users have a consistent experience. As per Web FX research, following a bad consumer experience, 89 % discontinue using a site.

Because of the good content and smooth user experience, a website template can vastly enhance your SEO score and labor. Furthermore, Google recommends and ranks websites with responsive designs higher. It can definitely help your SEO efforts by raising your chances of higher SERP rankings.

Google announced that it apparently gave priority to responsive websites in google search results beginning in April 2005.

Now, that the importance of Responsive website design is thoroughly explained, you can reach out WebDigitalize a Gurgaon-based company, that excels in providing your website great traffic and Response by implementing the Responsive website design. I hope this information has been useful to you.

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