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The breadcrumbs are basically navigation aids for the website. If we are talking from an SEO perspective, then it is considered as an important parameter who helps Google in working out the structure of any website. You must wonder why we are discussing the breadcrumbs when we are talking about websites.

Known What are Breadcrumbs

If you have ever noticed a website while browsing it there is much small text path located on the webpage, through these text path it is easier for a user to find their location on the website. These types of small text path are referred to as Breadcrumbs.

Apart from that, we can also find breadcrumbs in Google searching. So anyone who is browsing your webpage for the service or the product can understand the data structure of the website very easily by seeing the breadcrumbs in search results.

Breadcrumbs Types

Three types of breadcrumbs are very popular and in use nowadays and it depends on the websites as to how they apply the breadcrumbs according to their SEO.

  • Attribute-Based Breadcrumbs

These types of Breadcrumbs are used in E-Commerce Website. Attribute-based breadcrumbs help the visitors to divert directly on the particular product by filtering the data according to product quality.

  • History-Based Breadcrumbs

History-based breadcrumbs give simple navigation to the visitors by directing them to back & forward while browsing the website.

  • Hierarchy Based Breadcrumbs

This type of Breadcrumbs is used on most of the websites. In this type of Breadcrumbs, they define the webpage structure by parting them in a hierarchical order.

What Are the Benefits of Having Breadcrumbs on the Website

If you are using breadcrumbs for your websites then there are multiple benefits for using as it offers SEO advantages for websites.

  • Improve User Experience

As it is quite understandable that breadcrumbs can add refinement for the user who is visiting your website. With the help of breadcrumbs, the visitor can quickly move forward or backwards and it would be more relevant session per users.

  • Lowers Bounce Rates

It is very unlikely that the visitors may move away from your website after finding the required information which they are looking for. Having breadcrumbs in search results the visitor can go to the relevant page very quickly. It will reduce your bounce rates.

  • The advantage in Google Search

Apart from helping in structuring the websites in a proper manner but also it adds a measure of user-friendliness in the website. Nowadays Google is continuously redefining their algorithms to rank the websites which are very useful for the visitors. By adding structured data you can increase the chances for your breadcrumbs to appear in search results.

The Best Way to Implement Breadcrumbs on Website

If your website is accessible from the separate landing pages and if there are lower-level pages on the website then it will create confusion for your visitors as they might try to use your website from different entry point. Then it is not sensible to use breadcrumbs for your websites.

If you want to give your visitors an easy way to access your website then don’t leave out a certain level of hierarchy as it can chaos amongst your uses and then breadcrumbs won’t be very useful.

As you are aware that in SEO things works from left to right so you need to be sure that your breadcrumbs navigation menu follows the principle of website design.

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