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As per an expert who loves to find out the features that still are not released, Jane Manchun Wong noticed that in future the users of LinkedIn can add a poll to their post as LinkedIn is working on this new feature. 

As per this expert, this feature of LinkedIn will work the same as the Twitter polls. linked on users can add a poll to their posts where they can add a question with 4 responses but there may be a difference of duration. As the duration of Twitter polls can last up to 7 days but the LinkedIn polls can be available till 2 weeks. Apart from Twitter the other social media platform like Facebook and Instagram their polls remain lasts for only 24 hours.  As of now, there is no official notification from LinkedIn about this feature as when it will be released but few help documents guiding has been released as to how to use this feature in future when it will be released.

What is Mentioned in Help Documents

Overview of LinkedIn Polls

As per the company the user doesn’t need to install or use any third-party application to add polls to the posts. It was stated in the release help documents by the organization that, to collect information about marketing insights and trends the polls can be used and it may be used to simply start a conversation. But the user can’t use these polls to know the health status, views on politics and any other sensitive data.

LinkedIn Polls Technical Details

Visibility of Poll

The person who is adding a poll will have an option to adjust the visibility of the poll. The default option for the visibility would be “Anyone”, apart from this the other options are listed below:

  • Members of Group- By choosing this option the poll will be available to only the members of the group where the poll was shared.
  • Connections- if anyone wants the poll to visible only for his or her connections on Linkedin then they have to choose the Connection option.
  • Attendees of an Event- The poll will only be visible for the attendees of an event.
  • Anyone- if someone wants to share his poll to Twitter and LinkedIn then this option can be selected.

The one thing to remember that the person can’t change the visibility again.

Duration of Poll

  • One Day
  • Three Days
  • One Week
  • Two Weeks

Polls Perceptions

The person who creates a poll can see the accumulated result of the poll in the percentage and can also know that who had voted in the poll and how he has voted.

In Groups

The poll can be created again in the LinkedIn groups which were started very long back.

Desktop and Mobile Support

The best part of these polls would be that they can be created through the Mobile-based LinkedIn app and also with the desktop version of LinkedIn.

Primarily Responses are Nameless

Only the poll creator can see the response of the poll and no other would be able to see it.

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