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Coronavirus has impacted everything in this world and also the digital social media platforms has been dominated by COVID-19. The world health organisation has also declared Coronavirus as a worst global pandemic ever. The rumour and incomplete information regarding this diseases has created panic amongst the people around the world and they go to the web to fetch the reliable, accurate information.

The Coronavirus has impacted everyone and many different ways. The travel has been stopped for the uncertain time, schools, public places has been closed till the next announcement. This has created fear amongst the people and the people are also confused as what to do or not to do in this global pandemic.

Now, the people are searching regarding the Coronavirus on internet and in this article we would like to highlight as what the people are searching during the lockdown.

E-Commerce Stores

Who Delivers Essential Products- The major of people are looking for an E-commerce store from where they can purchase daily necessity like Hand Sanitizer, Face Mask, Hand Wash and also thermometers. The basic reason behind the purchasing of these goods from online store is that these products has been out of stock from the stores has due to high demand. Apart from medical product the demand has been rise of grocery items.

Health & Wellness

As the Coronavirus is a life threatening diseases so the people are taking online help from Health & Wellness Websites as how to keep them self save from this disease, and also the people taking help from these websites as how to maintain their fitness during a lockdown period.

The number of people who are searching for Handwashing Technique has been increased significantly, apart from the health & wellness website the Google also helps the people by providing the information.

News Websites

In the period of lockdown the news & media websites has received major number of visitors as the people are advised to keep them self in home so people is given the preference to online media & news. Apart from these people are also searching for the articles, post related to Covid-19.

Travel Websites

The reason of increase in traffic on travel websites is not for booking or planning any tour, instead of it the people are searching these websites to cancel their plans which they had made earlier, cancellation of Flight Ticket, Train Ticket, Hotel Cancellation etc.

As the impact of this virus is very vast so travelling to any country in the coming months is not looking feasible right now.

Cooking Websites

During the lockdown most of the people are learning a new skill of cooking, that is why the number of visitors on the recipe websites has increased rapidly. The people are trying and learning a new dish every day and by these tricks they also keep themselves busy during home stay.

Coronavirus is Impacting Every Industry

Apart from the above-mentioned sectors, every sector has been impacted by Coronavirus. It is a very important time for any SEO based company as they need to analyze the search query data very carefully. There are much best SEO company is available in Gurgaon so if you are looking for an SEO service in Gurgaon then you can also search them on websites.

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