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Facebook is the biggest social media platform with over 2271 million active customers. It’s great place to promote your products and raise  your sales.

Within the era of enterprises, Facebook advertising and marketing are becoming essential for all types of corporations around the globe. Even the top digital marketing company also needs to advertise itself on Facebook, likewise, it is essential in product marketing. If done in the best way, Facebook advertising can make you ROI to touch the sky.

Here is a complete guide on marketing tips you should use on Facebook to boost your e-commerce sales.

1). Shift your content to videos

 There are 182 million video views in total, and still, 47% of pages don’t add videos. Now’s the right time to direct your Facebook advertising attempt by creating marketing videos. If you can’t produce video content material on your own, you can take services from a well-known social media marketing agency.

Besides, Facebook has simply released an ad break, a new monetizing method with the usage of Video content. It will let you monetize your video content, similar to YouTube. Your earnings will rise with the increasing number of viewers with short movies. In this way, you can kill two birds with one sword. One with increasing views, your sales would boost. Two, you can earn additional money with more views.

2). Provide discounts and  giveaways

Every businessman is familiar with the traditional technique. Providing attractive discounts as well as goodies will automatically result in boosting sales. In traditional business, it helps many firms. You can try it for e-commerce sales too. Use your Facebook page in the best possible way. Facebook has a huge number of consumers on daily basis. It will enable you to widen yours within a short period. So, post great and creative content to leave it a mark on customers mind. Consequently, they have to visit you for the offers.

3)   Facebook ads

Facebook ads are notable sure, sure they’re! This ad type proves beneficial to the e-commerce enterprise. Facebook commercials work flawlessly both on computing devices and smartphones. Fb ads are easy to set up. They work satisfactorily in directing people to a specific web page. Ensure your headline and images are extremely wonderful to steer your target audience to every product you want. If you are not able to do it confidently, reach a social media marketing agency for the task. 

4). Interact with your followers

You cannot actively interact with your customers on an internet site to guide them about a product or to clear up their concerns. Facebook is the appropriate area to talk to your consumer and resolve their problems. People can ask their questions and concerns by commenting on your posts.

 Do not forget about their questions,  give a right and satisfactory answer that clarifies their doubts.

Many people aren’t confident in asking their queries personally. So, they can send out messages through Facebook messenger. 

5). Use Facebook stories

Well-known apps like Snapchat, Instagram, or even WhatsApp have added the characteristic of posting a status or story. All of them introduce it with different names but the same feature. This particular post stays visible for 24 hours. On March 28, 2017, Facebook also launched the feature of posting a story on your Facebook profile to disappear after 24 hours. Posting stories is getting famous with each passing day and are also taken into consideration as first-class Facebook advertising and marketing suggestions.

Additionally, this feature of posting stories also provides you with the advantage of observing the number of people who viewed your content. It assists in detecting the interest of the consumers towards every product as they can also react to each story and text the owner of the page.

Start applying the top 5 Facebook marketing tips to showcase their products in front of the wide network. To create the best quality content for your stories, you can contact some social media marketing agency foryour FB account handling.

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