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The pioneer of SEO copywriting, Heather Lloyd-Martin having more than a 20-year veteran in the space helped countless businesses to generate more traffic and sales through her SEO-friendly content. But some questions pop-up many times again and again in the SEO community that Is SEO copywriting and SEO content writing are the same? Are they different? Or they both are same? So, let’s try to find out whether SEO content writing or SEO copywriting are same or different?

  • Both SEO content writing and copywriting is writing but they both have their own distinct purposes and so they show different results. The distinction between the two helps you to choose the method to achieve the desired results.
  • The primary goal of SEO content writing is to generate organic traffic via search engines while the primary goal of SEO copywriting is to convert traffic into leads and sales. You can do both with the SEO Content writing and Copywriting both but you have to choose the method which fits best for achieving your results.

Some SEO experts say, there is no such thing like SEO copywriting while some others say, “SEO copywriting” itself does exist. So, a question comes mind that does the term “SEO Copywriting” even exist? Surprisingly, the term “SEO copywriting” is used in industry and it has become a highly searchable keyword and users are actively searching for it online. SEMrush shows that the users search the keyword “SEO copywriting” 880 times a month, while “SEO content writing” is searched only 770 times per month by the users.


SEO content writer attracts more organic traffic to your website through high-quality and optimized-keyword content. He also understands SEO and knows how to write informative and compelling content so as to increase your website’s keyword rankings. SEO COPYWRITER will convert your traffic into leads and sales and this term is more SEO industry’s vocabulary.

But you have to choose the method which fits best for achieving your results. After knowing that, you will hire the right type of writer according to your needs.

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