Aurohealth is one of the most pursued Over the Counter (OTC) medicine brand in the United States of America. What drew us towards the company is their wonderful endeavor to consistently provide the best quality of medicine at a very fair price.

The company was still in its early stages of going online when we started working together. The project of going online was still on papers when we kick-started the entire procedure by taking complete control over their digitalization process.

We started off by making an attractive and user friendly website for Aurohealth. Our SEO experts successfully executed the optimization plan on the website targeting their dedicated audience. We were well aware how crucial it was to gain attention in the early stage, so we ran Google ads in a methodical approach. We brought the company on the online social media platforms to increase their visibility and generate trust amongst the users.

The comprehensively detailed plan was executed fittingly by our experts. To say that the sale of Aurohealth increased after our complete digital marketing admiration would be an understatement, because their sale grew 10 folds after our stint. The response turned out to be so overwhelming that we also handled their Amazon panel for listing and sales.

What did we do

  • Created the website
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Management
  • Ran successful Google ads
  • Complete Digital Marketing
  • Handled the Amazon Panel