Alpha Learning, an exemplary educational app dedicated towards the “Engineers”. WebDigitalize has been working with this app since the beginning of the pandemic. As we all are well aware of the catastrophic effect of the pandemic on each and every sector of life. This sense of immense loss has etched its characteristics in every nuance of human life. Our team was dedicated in developing and building a holistic platform so strong that even during these times, what we deliver should be able to produce tremendous results.

The Engineering sector in our country as been quite a narrative in our country. The journey of these students have series named about it. Alpha Learning aimed to create a dynamic platform to provide qualitative content for students appearing for their engineering competitive exams.

Our team worked unitedly during the need of the hour. From website optimization to the SEO everything was provided to Alpha Learning to launch this educational program. Within a month of their launch, Alpha Learning began to thrive enormously, from organic traffic to smooth running of the app, Alpha Learning generated 9 lakh revenue even during the dirth of a situation.

We proficiently handled their social media, giving them a hike in their likes and views instantly. They gained 4k followers in a matter of no time. Their YouTube channel flourished, gaining optimal views and likes. WebDigitalize team represented its hard work and craftsmanship through their success. Today this app has an average of 1.8 k downloads a month and shines brightly amongst its competition with a 4.1 rating on Playstore. They’ve now set their foot firm in their respect field and are generating ranks that grow better every passing exam. WebDigitalize believes in delivering excellence even at times that seem impossible. We are here to provide you with the best possible results.

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